Money has no value 💰

That’s right. Money has no value. I know most people will disagree with me about this topic but first give me a chance to explain and then you decide if I am right or not, OK?

I have a million examples with which I can show you that money has no value and that it is most interesting that 99% of people think they want money but when they get it they actually realize that there are a million others, as people often call them, “small” things that make you much happier such as love, belonging, health, happiness, well-being, and abundance. None of these “essential” things can be bought with money, right? So what can money buy? Only material things. When you look all around you you can see a table or a chair, or a cupboard or a TV, for example… and you can see instead of a table - money, How? So because you gave money for that table, am I right? Why do you think that a table is not money? Or a TV or a computer? Why do you think that the moment when you bought them they are losing their value? You no longer look at them as much as they were worth before you bought them, do you? Now they are just the object for you.

Well, guess what, and money is just an object too, simple paper, but you experience it differently as if it has value because the government or the bank tells you that it is worth it, you experience it differently, you don’t see it as simple paper but as something very valuable. This means it’s worth it just because you decided to pay attention to it, if you look at it without your excessive attention it will see that it’s just paper.

What’s more, if tomorrow, the states declare that because of the environment, the money will no longer be printed, but plastic cards will be used, at that very moment money will become irrelevant to you - what magic, what trick. With just one decision of the state, your complete belief system changes. Does that mean that you don’t think for yourself, you don’t think with your own head but that the state determines what will value you and what won’t? Does that mean that the state orders you what is right and what is wrong? Do you feel like free people or like slaves because of that?

More about this topic in the next post.

Much love :heart:


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