Mixing/Mastering songs/Music Production/Audio Engineering

Things I can help with

  • Recording (vocals, acoustic treatment, mic placement, guitars and other orchestral instruments)
  • Hardware (audio/ MIDI interfaces, controllers, sequencers, power supplies, racks, outboard gear set up, AD convertors and wiring)
  • Audio editing (vocal editing/comp, pocketing drums (beat detective in PT), elastic audio, automation, noise reduction and more from iZotope RX.
  • Mixing (bus signal flow in the box, analog summing, parallel processing, plug-ins, basic concepts such as distortion or harmonic enhancement, EQ & compression, stereo imaging, time based effects; chorus, flange, delay and reverb)
  • Mastering (width, depth, loudness management and file distribution)

I can offer bro deals if you’re short on cash, the idea is that we can get your music out there


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