Mixed Emotions for my Country

Two very good things happened yesterday. The runoff elections in Georgia were won by the Democratic challengers and Joe Biden was confirmed as the winner as the Electoral College results were formally entered into the Congressional record. That should have been it. There should have been cause for unbridled celebration.

But instead these events were overshadowed by a disaster that was encouraged by the current President. It is totally shameful. 4 people died as the result of a riot that Donald Trump invited and incited. It’s a new low for a man who has specialized in achieving them.

I pray for peace, tolerance, unity and understanding. I pray for a nation of laws with respect for all people. Let the healing begin.

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Hello… I am writing this from the beautiful, transformational state of Georgia!
Yes, we are proud of what we as a people here have achieved… Overturning Congress and making it Blue…Hopefully, now and moving forward, our elected leaders in Congress will be able to cross party lines and truly work for the good of ALL Americans, not just some.

I feel you when you said mixed emotions… same here…
While watching all these chaos and unbelievable ANARCHY unfold on prime time TV —
I could not help but wonder, How is this even possible?
Why have we come to this new LOW (as you said, as a powerful developed Country)???

It was truly sad to realize that there are still some folks who want to continue to believe and follow LIES, false prophets abound… We all have to be careful what we choose to believe in… individually and collectively as a nation.

I am from the Philippines, and I was part of the “People Power” movement there in the 80’s as a college student attending rallies and protesting peacefully in the streets of Manila…when we as a nation were able to topple the dictatorship of the Marcos era regime…
It can happen, with enough sane and good minds and hearts of regular folks like you and me… We are the tipping point!

…We have the power to fulfill our nation’s ultimate vision of PEACE and harmony among ALL Americans.

So, keep the Faith and yes… “Let the Healing begin…”

Thank you so much for your reply. I am glad you are proud of your heritage and what you accomplished. I do believe that Joe Biden will be able to bring more unity to our nation. If there is anything good that comes out of the riot, it will be a realization by those who choose to spread lies and stoke anger that they have a responsibility to make sure they understand the consequences of their actions.

It is clear that no one took seriously the possibility that something like this could happen. The liars love to hear cheering crowds when they agree with their lies, but when lives are lost and sacred halls are desecrated by thugs, the reality of their transgressions hits home. I am hoping that they choose to scale back their misinformation and realize the importance of moving forward and exposing ignorance for the divisive force that it is.