Mindset Coach: Leading with purpose

Hi! I’m Jess from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I help people experience the joy of reaching their true goals.

All anyone wants is peace of mind; to be happy, to feel freedom and joy. When you’re mind is bombarded with clutter and self-doubt it makes it difficult to know what you want, let alone achieve it. Customizing each session to my clients needs, we explore how to make you a priority within your lifestyle. Through action and accountability, we aim to change the habits that may be preventing you from reaching goals. This is not a quick-fix program, this is long-term transformation. Through inner and outer wholistic work, regain your child-like confidence, inspiration and freedom. I support you no matter where you may be along your journey.

https://ijessflo.com/ | IG: IJessFlo | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-kofi-75768a198/

Here’s how it works for free advice:

Ask me your question in the comments. If you would like to ask an anonymous question, that’s fine. Please be respectful.
If you would like me to take a look at something, post a photo or video. For videos, upload to YouTube then include the video link in the comments.
Please give me up to 5 business days to respond to your question.


Private 1-on-1

Price: $90 / hour
Location: Zoom, WhatsApp, or phone.


21 Day Detox (Includes welcome basket)
Regular Detox: $295
Advanced Detox: 597
Location: Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.

Get Out of Your Way Coaching
Price: $997
Length: 7 weeks
Meeting: Weekly
Session length: 1 hour
Location: Zoom, WhatsApp

Total Transfrmation 90 (Includes welcome basket)
Price: $2000 or four payments of $600
Length: 90 days
Meeting: bi-weekly
Session length: 45minutes and a 20minute check-in
Location: Zoom, WhatsApp

Payments accepted: * PayPal, Wire Transfer

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

Interview with Talktime

Get Out of Your Way

What’s a fun fact about you?

I love to learn! Books are friends but I also think it’s important to explore your fun and sexy side so I modelled, danced and acted in the past. However, my true gift is in creative writing. I don’t always write but when I do I try to infuse my passion and lessons into it. Blog

What can you talk about for hours?

The system, the mind, astrology, energy, anything considered taboo

What’s your favorite smell?

Lavender and Peppermint

What is the most normal thing about you?

I eat and poop like everyone else.

What do you hate?

I hate when people take advantage of others. I hate that we have built a community that allows this to take place and that many are oblivious to this fact.

In my words

I like weird, I like adventures, I like discovering parts of myself daily and growing through the journey of life. I love food as it is one of our primary sources of energy. I also like teasing people and making them laugh. I like to enjoy life.

Don’t be a Judgy Judge

My teaching style

Straight to the point in an easy goiong way. If you are using avoidance techniques I will not entertain it. You must want this more than anyone else and if you do, trust me we will become the best of friends. I will support you through any stumbles.

What can you expect from my lessons?

To expand your mind, to become a better decision-maker and to follow through on your goals. Do not use your past to make excuses for your future.

Why me?

Because I’ll be honest with you with a big smile on my face :smiley: plus the most important thing to me is knowing that I am helping the person in front of me be their best self.

Why I’m passionate about this?

Because I have been hurt and down, and I realized that those moments heavily impacted my mind and health. The only way to get stronger is to push through adversity, whatever that means for you. I am passionate about living a peaceful life and that means the people around me must also be in peace.