Mind,Body,Soul innate tools for living life

Holistic living is an approach of looking after the mind,body and soul in equal parts.
Why?Because you are worthy of living on this planet with energy and vigour.
More and people are looking for wholesomeness, 365 degree angle as the imprint for life.
Our world projects gaining from the outside instead of using the power house within.
This can create frustration,resentment ,burn out leading to stress. The relationship with yourself is the most powerful one so why not turn it up a notch. Whatever happens you’ll always have you. Live in harmony when challenges arise your response either gives an experience or a lesson learnt so keep monitoring your emotions and learn what your triggers are.
Implement tools that decrease the triggers.

Have a plan!
Physical - create movement in your day - Structured exercise -kick boxing,zumba,dancing,yoga/pilates. Walking up the stairs or in the park.

Mentally- Give the brain a rest by journaling all that stresses you.(make a date and time to do it)
Decide what thoughts need to be eradicated and what they can be replaced with.
E.g Affirmations each morning.
Introduce a pause and breath moment or meditate regularly.
Get enough sleep.

Eat-foods that are both fuel and are medicine for the body.
Reduce the salt and sugar items.
Take a note of what items are in the cupboard and the contents.
Take supplements
Add plant based options where possible. Make it into a challenging game that you do at least once a week. Cook from scratch at least once a week inc. lots of dark veg.
Try a detox a green detox once a week/month.

Relax- diarise it and make it happen.
Meditate,deep breathing.
Journal what your thinking and what’s happening.
Visualize and day dream just becuase you can. Good endorphins top up energy.

Goals- Identify. Work on Finance-Career-Business-Relationships.
Make the goals SMART. Do them in priority order from each area.
Specific-Be clear on the goal you want.
Measurable -able to track progess.
Achievable-Knowing the goal can be obtained.
Realistic- evaluating the 2 “why” the goal matters to you.
Time Bound- setting a date and time for the goal to be accomplished.

Using this method gives you a strategy to follow on all goals.

Fun- set aside time to have fun that inspires the spirit.
Paint pictures-watch a funny movie-have time to play physical games with the children.
Find activities that bring you joy.

Be the best version of yourself.