Mid Week Sing-a-long (online & fun!)

Hey there everyone

Do you sometimes feel gloomy in the middle of the week?

If you enjoy singing, come along to my mid week sing-a-long - it’s great fun, we have a fantastic laugh, chat and check in with each other, as well as belting out some tunes. If you’d like email invitations, you can join my singing newsletter here http://eepurl.com/wLfqL and we’ll let you know when the next one is.

Fancy dress is encouraged but not essential! A good hat always works well on zoom :rofl:

Sometimes we have a theme, so this week was a bit more Christmassy (see the picture!). We get together on zoom, I put the words up on the screen and we all just have a good sing. Various members can suggest songs if there’s something you particularly like.

Singing boosts happy hormones, and doing it together is fun and sociable. No one can hear you singing, and you will get those physical, mood-lifting and health benefits whether you are an amazing singer or not! :grin:

Sessions are £6 for the hour’s session, or you can join via subscription for £15 a month (3-5 sessions a month).

I really hope you will join our fun midweek singsong.

Stay well