Mental Health Issues 2020

Good evening everyone. My name is Shawdd and I have anger issues. I’ve been with my boyfriend, Quintin but we call him Q for over a year now and I’ve hurt him badly to the point he hurt me too. I love him and have feelings and I express that everyday. Even if we’re not together, we still act like it. I feel like one day, we will come back and be stronger than we once were. This whole year was about COVID-19 and it was one of the worse years ever. I feel like this year was also an eye opener for me because I learned so much about myself. Anything my mom would see, he would see the same as well. I feel like I can overcome this anger that I have and become someone better.

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Hoping you peace and tranquility…

With time to reflect, patience and knowledge of ourselves we can overcome any problems and learn from our mistakes, making a positive change for your future . good luck

The subconscious is a powerful and hidden part of us all. It becomes like a computer program as we age and can cause lots of problems in our lives. You can overcome this with the help of your superconscious and conscious minds, plus some focus, effort, and lifestyle changes. I am here if you need a session, first one is free. You can do this and thrive.