Mental Health Coaching (Strategies for Healing Relationships)

My name is Kiyana Marie (MAFP) and I am a health practitioner in the mental health field who divides her time between clinical practice (internationally),Teaching Psychology, and writing. In my consulting work, I believe in the counseling & coaching others involving the spiritual aspect with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I worked with Dr.Joanne Hands, (PhD),LPC,LMFT,NCC, President of MEPA (Middle East Psychological Association) at Kuwait Counseling Center while in Kuwait and apart of and many other charitable organizations. I am a strong believer in God, Love, Health & Healing working, Virtually to coach others through the healing process.

I wants to help inform other people to help how to focus on encouraging one another to highlight the power of healing the heart, mind, body and spirit naturally the way God intended, by starting Healing Hearts 4 Real, a non-profit organization. Visit for more information.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPSI)

Member of the American Psychological Association(APA)
Member of the Middle East Psychological Association(MEPA)

Session Fees:
First Zoom call Complimentary Session Fee
Private Coaching Single 30 min session is $55
Private Coaching Single 60 min session is $85