Mental and emotional health along with freelance work

Hello! My name is Morgan. Along with Freelancing, which i will explain later… Im offering to everyone, the intuitive and empathetic side of my talents. From a young age I spent almost all my time around older people. Watching, listening and growing to understand a lot from a toddler on up. I grew very keen on emotions. I fought the bullies in my school, protecting the nerd. I was abused in my teen years, molested, and grew up becoming and then defeating drug addiction. I went to school for a short time as a psychiatrist and my senses grew! I am offering to council anyone who wants someone to listen. Guide you as much as I can. I am interactive in my conversations, it will be like talking to your best friend. I have a lot of experience with personal demons and warding them off. Holding at a distance where I still know they are there, but they can’t affect me like they did. Constant reminders of my struggles as well as my accomplishments. You have to be completely honest. I am not here to judge by any means and never will. You dont need that. I am asking for 40 dollars per session. I also am a freelance writer and proofreader for English and Spanish writing. Be it an essay for homework, contracts, short story written for school, campaign etc. The cost for that varies and depends on what it is you need me to proofread and or revise for you and how long it takes. However, a base pay would be 9 dollars an hour. I am all ears!