Meditation Teacher & Energy Healer

Hello beautiful community!

It is wonderful to virtually connect. My name is Alexius Viola and I work as a meditation teacher and energy healer. I am certified in intuitive healing, reiki, 400 hour meditation teacher training, 200 hour yoga teacher training, and am finalizing an associates degree in human services. I am also the owner of Debunking Spirituality (@debunking.spirituality on Instagram)

I offer guided meditations and energy healing sessions. This is great for anyone going through a challenging time in life, uncertain as to what their life purpose is, or wanting to build a stronger relationship with their own inner world.

Below I have shared my base price for sessions. However, I work on a sliding scale. If there is something you need help with, but your budget is tight with the changing world and covid, message me! We can work out a program that will work for your budget & offer the help you need.

1:1 Guided Meditation: $45 for 40 minute session
Energy Healing: $120 for an hour session
Energy Healing + Guided Meditation: 2 separate session for $140

Do you have a question about life? Leave a comment below! I would love to offer any guidance.

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