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Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself on this lovely platform by starting a conversation - has 2020 sparked your interest in meditation?
Have you tried meditation / develop your own practice through last year’s challenges? If so, how was your experience?

I’m Fani, your personal inner-peace coach based in Toronto, Ontario. I am a certified life coach trained in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness with a BASc., in psychology. I help people experience self-awareness and clarity in their routines, increase adaptability to stressful demands, gain hope, resilience, and optimism through mindfulness and meditation training and solution-focused coaching.

All of my academic and professional experience along with my recent community mental health support groups have been rooted in mindfulness and meditation, to spark self-awareness and stress management.

My intention is to equip others with self-healing knowledge while providing a trauma-aware, safe, and compassionate space, either 1:1 or in a small group setting.

In every one of my interactions with clients, I offer a step-by-step approach to developing your own, self-sufficient meditation practice, without the use of any apps or guided audios, based on my training with Ziva Meditation.

If any of these topics interest you, feel free to ask me anything! I am happy to connect, either on here or directly at

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