Mama With a Purpose Workshop

Hi! I’m Emily and I am a Mindset and Purpose Coach for women and mamas who have lost their spark for life. These are women who have the desire to get to know themselves deeply and authentically but can’t seem to navigate how to do so.
I help guide you in identifying the direction you want to go in your life by using specific tools and strategies.
Empower you to overcome resistance and limiting beliefs using mindset tools that will help achieve any goal have for yourself.

I currently have openings within my 6 week 1:1 intensive Mama With a Purpose Workshop.

In this workshop, I help you begin to master your thoughts and start to own your story, your struggles, and turn it around to use it as fuel to use for something that is bigger than yourself.

We will focus on:
-How to become intentional with your thinking which leads to an intentional purpose-filled life.
-Becoming your future self on purpose and with confidence to do so.
-How to purposefully and intentionally process your emotions and have a new understanding of you and your brain.
-Unearth and discover the mind blocks that are within you that are preventing you from pursuing your passions.

This will be a 6 week 1:1 intensive workshop where we will have 6- 1hour zoom sessions that are purely focused on you and your purpose. Purpose can be found through service, your gifts, and through past pains in your life. Everyone has a role in making this world a better place and each one of us has to take ownership & get curious on how to figure out what that role is. The driving force that it will take in making this workshop work in your favor is courage. Courage is what causes most of us to step in faith and follow our heart tugs to do and be more. Whatever it might be for each of us. You will begin doing the work that will unearth and discover the mind blocks that are within you that are preventing you from pursuing your passions and the things that are on your heart to do.

This workshop is ONLY $300.00

Im offering FREE 30min coffee chats for this workshop. This is the perfect way for us to meet, get to know each other, and for you to tell me what you are currently struggling with and where you want to be in life.

I want you to feel seen, heard, encouraged, and loved when you work with me.
You are worth it because there are people who you don’t even know yet that are waiting for you to step into your purpose and live up to your true potential.