Makeup & Friends

Any questions about Makeup I would love too answer & I would love to learn what I don’t already know. I also Love God & try to put him first in anything I do. I’m not the girl that has a big group of friends or even a group of friends at all. I used to when I was younger. I never was a bad person nor a bad friend. I started losing myself when I was trying to be a people pleaser . I always did my own eyebrows & lashes when I was younger but never watched no one do makeup lol & One day 4 months ago I literally woke up & I’m a firm believer of God speaking & giving you visions , something told me try to do a full face of makeup. I tried & it came out 100times better than I thought it would lol . Ever since I’ve been in love w makeup ! I would love to answer any questions about makeup & learn more about God :two_hearts:

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