LSAT Tutoring - Reach Out For More Details!

I am offering LSAT Tutoring. I am a third year law student at Columbia and scored in the 99th percentile on the test. I am passionate about working with students to empower them to succeed.

I am passionate about helping people succeed in areas where I have expertise. Law School is becoming more competitive then ever, particularly this year with the tremendous increase in applications. The best way to get into a good law school is with an amazing LSAT score. I want to make that happen. I am an extremely patient tutor. My mantra for tutoring is that I want to help you help yourself. I will not spoon feed anyone. I want to make YOU better at the LSAT so that YOU can score higher.

I scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT. Along the way I became an expert on the intricacies, ins and outs of the test. My finest moment was knowing that I helped someone else get a significant increase on the LSAT. A week before they took the test they were scoring a 163 on practice tests (and they were unhappy because that is the score they had received the first time they took the test). He was really hoping to improve. I sat with him for an hour, analyzed his performance and was able to give him personalized techniques and strategies which resulted in him scoring a 166 on the actual LSAT.

If you are passionate about raising your LSAT score please reach out. I Believe that everyone can get a high score with the right tools.