Looming fear consciousness

It is everywhere if you choose to plug in,
we are so used to negative sharing of information,
it has become the norm,
I miss the days of sharing all the bounty that life constantly provides us with,
I miss the days of ‘perceived freedom’ and ‘freedom of choice’
I hear of the looming restrictions
I hear of the looming fear of death
I hear of the looming disconnection we are currently collectively experiencing,

it all breaks my aching heart,
yet I understand I am not to judge it,
I can respond accordingly to it,
without judgement of what might be ‘perceived’ as different,
all necessary,
can we hold this truth in our hearts,
Can it be true that I believe that I am God and my parents believe in Allah, yet we love each other?
Can it be true that my sister and I hold opposing political views, yet we love each other?
Can it be true that my lover is a meat eaters and I am a vegetarian, yet we love each other?
Can it be true that my best friend and I love and adore each other, yet we accept that we physically can’t be around each other?

All possibilities are possible and endless.
We are meant to be so different, on a spectrum that is infinite in possibilities and colours. How beautiful is this effortless creation?

I truly believe in the word ‘effortless’, this idea we have bought into that life is about ‘hard’ work, is necessary around a system that requires you to go against your natural gravitation, which then will seem like ‘hard work’ to keep up with something that is ‘un-natural in nature’.

So, I believe the first step into living a life that is ‘effortless’ is understanding what that looks like for you. I live effortlessly you guys. I have this belief so embedded in me, that I feel when I am in flow with this effortless ease and when I am in resistance and ‘trying too hard’…am I making sense to anyone?

So, if I can invite such sensation into my life, is it safe to say that if I listen and buy into this ‘looming fear’ consciousness, whatever that may be, that fear will bring havoc to my life.

All I am saying is freedom to me comes from: being able to know oneself, understand that it is an ever-evolving relationship and we’re always at the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, hold space and compassion to all ideas, constructs, images and beings outside the understanding of my limited self.

I think that sums up what I am trying to say.
I hope.

Hope you are all doing super today and find a moment to:

  1. contemplate some element of nature, 10 minutes
  2. sit in complete silence and stillness, 10 minutes
  3. stretch your spine in 4 directions: back, front, side to side, twist from side to side.

Sending this community infinite love
from my heart to yours
I have compassion, love and empathy to share if that is what you need.

Humble Yogi

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