Looking for someone to chat with? Make a new friend? If you feel creative we can even draw together too!

Hello! I’m Bronti living in the beautiful historic county of Norfolk, UK. Are you looking for someone to chat with who can listen and discuss different topics? Maybe you feel lonely or have a lot going on or just bored? You can talk to me about your day, your hopes and dreams get to know someone new, we can always doodle together if that’s something you would like to do! :smiley: I know what it is like to feel depressed and anxious at times especially during this pandemic if you are looking for a friend to talk to, that could be me! I am excited to get to know you and make a new friend.

More about me:

I’m an artist and keen craft maker I have many different interests and I look forward to getting to know yours! I love to draw, craft, read books, study languages, go for walks, explore historic sites, I play video games and watch anime and documentaries mostly about marine animals (sharks are my favourite) I used to study animation and love my best friend Bumble Bee my pet Jack Russel.


Private 1-on-1
Price: $15 for a 30 minute chat
Location: Zoom
Please message me to set up a time and date. I am free most days I will get back to you as soon as I can but please give me a day in advance to reply and remember I’m from the uk please specify your time and date accurately.

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