Looking for remote/online jobs. Any recommendations?

Hi! My name is Shine. I am currently a college student (expected to graduate next year, hopefully) and I am looking for remote/online jobs to help me with my university fees. I am a full-time student but I have some spare hours that I can dedicate to work. I have no previous experience with any job but I am very much willing to learn. I’ve signed up for PeoplePerHour and tried posting my service [See it here: https://www.peopleperhour.com/hourlie/remove-background-of-up-to-10-images/731553] but it’s been two days and it doesn’t even have any views until today. I guess it’s because the competition for that service on that site is really stiff. I’ve also tried Fiverr and saw that even more people offer the same service as mine there, so I didn’t bother to continue. I also tried signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk but I got rejected. Just today, I finished my second (out of 4) assessment as a Photomath Expert but I doubt if I passed it and make it through until the last assessment. It’s funny because I thought I was good at Math until I took their assessments lol

I am also interested in data entry work since I am computer literate but I am quite hesitant to apply since I don’t have any idea what it does (I might not be able to do what is asked of me). Do you know any jobs that you can recommend?

For the endnote, I just want to share that I feel really good to have improved from where I was last year. Last year of this month, I was diagnosed with anxiety. It was probably because of the academic pressure that I was in (I have always been at the top of my class since I was a child but each year, I consistently worry about failing). I was holding it in for years, not telling my friends nor my family about it, until it took a toll on me. Fast forward to this day, my family is now more supportive and cautious, and I am more than happy with what I can and can’t achieve. I’ve read this quote from someone who posted it here on this platform: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”, and I’ve never been more motivated to continue moving forward despite worries and rejections. Some people might need to hear this today: You have come a long way and nobody can stop you from going where you want to go if you won’t allow it!

P.S. If you like to avail of my service in PeoplePerHour, or know someone that likes to avail, I am only a message away. Thank you!