Life & Spiritual Coaching & Channeling

Tea for two is served…

We can speak in perfect French, Spanish, English, Egyptian Arabic & good German.

Skype, WhatsApp call, or direct meeting.

All my life has been a research for a more conscious life, psychology & spirituality, to understand myself and others.

Naturally extremely Empathetic & Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).


Expert in transmuting emotions & feeling them as my own.

Channeler & Energy Intuitive


Lived, studied, worked, and travelled in several countries.

Certified in NLP, Modern Applied Psychology & Chinese Philosophy, among other things, but this is not the most important.

The most important are the quests of our lives that lead us to pursue, in many different cities, what contributes to shape our truth.

Prices are adapted to the country you live in, and to your specific needs.

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