Life Purpose & Mindset Coaching-Taking new clients

Hello I’m Nella , I’m a Life Purpose and Mindset Coach. I specialize in helping others get unstuck from the rut they’re in; overcome their mindset blocks and disempowering beliefs in order to achieve their desired next level of success professionally and in life.

Areas I can help you in (these are examples but not limited to ones listed)

  • Help guide you in identifying direction in life/career and set achievable goals by using specific tools and strategies
  • Empower you to overcome resistance and limiting beliefs
  • Increasing productivity and organizational skills
  • Setting goals and creating action plans to achieve your next level of success in your career or business
  • Making decisions & taking actions that will transform your life
  • Using mindset tools that will help achieve any goal you set for yourself
  • Overcoming visibility blocks that are hindering you to show up on camera or at networking events for your business/career.

Why work with me as your coach?

Coaching helps give you direction and tools that are hindering your progress and reach the next level of success in your life and professionally. Together we will work through mindset blocks and disempowering beliefs that are interfering with your success so that you can confidently take action and step into your power to achieve your next level of success in life and in your profession or business.

I have 10+ years of experience as a School Counselor and Educator, helping others find their passion/purpose, cultivate a success mindset, goal setting, and creating action plans to successfully achieve their goals. I’ve also done some business building mentoring by helping women leverage their skills to start an online business by tapping in to their unique talent and creativity.

My Credentials and Certifications

*B.A. in Psychology

*M.A. in Counseling Education

*Certified Coach


Packages/Pricing: All sessions are 1:1 via zoom and are 45-60 minutes long. Access to me via email or Voxer in between sessions is also included in packages.

  • 6 sessions (over a period of 6 weeks) $650.00

  • 12 sessions (over a period of 12 weeks) $1200.00

***If you’re interested, send me a message so we can book a free consultation to further discuss your current situation and see if coaching with me would be a good fit.

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I really appreciate how thorough and easy to read this listing is; it’s a good example for the rest of us, and answers so many questions up front. :+1:

In addition, it would be helpful to those of us interested in knowing more about you and your services to consult with us as much as is reasonable here on the post, so anyone who comes with similar questions or concerns afterward won’t need to ask you all over again.

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I’m glad you found my post helpful, and I really appreciate your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: