Life lobbyist: be the “producer” of your own life. First session is free

The tools to have the life you want are in your hands. All you need is some help to start using them!

I am a former TV producer. In a world of fiction it was always fascinating how it was in our hands to have characters get whatever wanted. And it suddenly hit me: what is the difference between fiction and real life? The protagonist of your life is you. But you can still get what you want.

Just as on TV things in life don’t just happen to us, but with us in the picture. So if something is not exactly right at this moment, you need to start using the tools you have to change how you feel. It can either be by moving away from the spot from which you are seeing things, or it can be by changing the focus of what it is affecting you, or it may be making a change yourself. But whatever it is, it is in your hands.

My coaching style is warm and tough at the same time, and it is always fun. You don’t need to suffer and cry all the time to make a life coaching session work. Crying is good, but laughing is also good. Getting to do both is the best.

I am offering one free session for you to get to know me. After that session you will have the chance to decide if you want to commit to lobbying your own life, and here are the costs:

3 sessions = 100 usd
6 sessions = 180 usd
9 sessions = 250 usd

These prices are valid when you commit after your free session. You can pay on PayPal, Zelle, or check. Our sessions will be on Zoom, Skype. WhatsApp, or over the phone. Whichever works best for you.

Being your own life lobbyist empowers you to get to where you want to be. Your life is yours, you are the script writer, the producer and the director. I will just be there to help you put it together, then you will not need me anymore!