Life/Health Coach (specializing with diabetics Type I, II and pre

Father of three, husband, friend, ultrarunner, diabetic, always trying to achieve the healthiest life possible. Forming small habits first and evolving these habits to achieve optimal health, happiness and reduced stress. I will provide meal and exercise plans and introduce lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, I enjoy working with individuals diagnosed with Type 1, Type II and prediabetes to offer peer support and share my experiences and strengths to best deal with this disease. I work with clients virtually, telephonically and in person. Please contact me for further information and a free health assessment. My goal is to help you reach your goal one day at a time :blush:


Peer Support Member for Department of Homeland Security

2-time 100 mile finisher

5-time 50 mile finisher

Multiple marathon finisher



Always working on self, physically and mentally

Offered PLANS: (please contact for details)

  • The ALL In- $300/month - full meal plans to include weekly plan with suggested meals and snacks. Weekly exercise plans to meet your specific goals and daily email/text contact as you need any questions. 3- one hour virtual or in person sessions/ month.

The I need a Push plan- $200 /month*** - meal and exercise plans done bi monthly providing you with ideas for meals and snacks. Exercise plans to reduce stress and meet your goals! Contact with clients 2 times/week. 2- one hour virtual or in person sessions /month.

The Lets do This plan- $100/ month*** - Meal and exercise plans suggested for the month. Contact with clients once a week and one-1 hour virtual or in person session/ month

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