Life Coaching: Take Back Control of Your Life

Certified Life Coach
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Have you been wanting to get in control of your emotions so you don’t feel as overwhelmed?
Have you been feeling on edge all day everyday?
Do you struggle with depression and anxiety?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I know how you feel. It sucks feeling agitated all of the time even though there are probably so many things that are good around you. Such as your husband, wives, children, etc… Sometimes it’s hard to get out of that hole that you put yourself in especially if you’re trying to tackle it on your own.

I help people who struggle and who can’t figure out their next step in life. It’s easy to just accept that your life is just a mess and that’s just how its always been so that’s how it will stay. Well I’m going to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way at all! You can change that, if you actually want to change!

My duties as a coach are:

  • to provide a step- by- step process for helping you to achieve specific desired results.
  • I use proven tools and strategies to help you identify what you want and help you set achievable goals.
  • I help hold you accountable for things you don’t get done on time. So I am like a best friend who helps motivate you and confronts you when your not doing what you say your going to do.
  • I empower you to overcome resistance and limiting beliefs you have of yourself.

There are more things life coaches do and I’d be happy to get more into detail if you schedule a consultation. To do that visit Stressed and A Mess and the info is under the life coaching tab at the top right of the page.

My packages:
-Consultations: FREE usually takes about 30 min.

  • weekly: 180.00
    This includes 1-60 minute coaching call
    assessment interview
    wheel of life worksheet
    access to coach accountable

  • 1 month: $400.00
    This package is for you if you’re preparing for new challenges, getting ready for a new business venture, or gearing up for a life transition that may take place in the next few weeks.
    It includes 4-45 min one on one call over the phone or zoom
    email and chat support between coaching sessions
    Assessment interview
    short term goal setting
    access to coach accountable
    Self help homework

-3 month: 1,100
This includes: 24- 45 min one on one calls over the phone or zoom
email and chat support
assessment interview
short and long term goal planning
access to coach accountable which has tons of features on there that make having a life coach super easy.
Self help homework to help guide your thoughts to think more outside your comfort zone.

I do offer a one time coaching session for $40.00 for a 45 minute phone call to help set goals and help you figure out your next step and if you want to continue coaching we can pick a plan that works best for you.

Coach accountable is a tool I use where you can journal, keep track of your goals, and action plan, it’s where I assign homework and we do a lot of communicating through that. It makes coaching so much easier for the coach and the client and I have had a lot of good feedback on it. Clients really enjoy the worksheets and how easy it is to keep track of the session notes and they love the reminders and just everything about it! So if you would like to schedule a consultation please let me know.
To schedule a consult click this link, Appointments . You will also be able to see pricing there for my packages as well.

Looking forward to chatting with you!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and ask me :slight_smile: