Let's talk about the "F" words

Yes, that’s right, the “F” words. FEAR of FAILURE.

Fear of Failure is the number 1 limiting belief that stops people from learning, doing, and trying new things. That stops us from going after our passions and reaching our goals. We let the IDEA (which is fear) of failure stop us from even starting something. Let’s reaaally think about this and break it down. You are literally letting a THOUGHT in our head, something that hasn’t even happened yet, psychically stop you from doing something. Sounds funny when you think it about it like that huh. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

So how do you overcome this fear of failure?

Let’s look at babies. When babies are little and trying to take their first steps what do they do? You constantly see them holding onto something while trying to stick that foot out there and get the courage to let go. They do this for a while and then next think you know they take that step! And what usually happens…they fall right?? But after that they are cruising and walking all other the place! Wiggly, wobbly, still falling here and there, but they are still going right? All it took was that FIRST step and that first fall to get rid of that fear. For the brain to realize “ok maybe that’s not so bad after all.”

Take the first step guys! Realize that that the fear of failure is just that, a thought. A thought that hasn’t happened yet, a thought that we no doubt make bigger and bigger by thinking the “fall” is much worse than it actually is.

Stop looking at what could go wrong, and starting think about what can go RIGHT!



Great post Jenn! I agree that it is the first step which can be the scariest of all. It helps me to say to myself “it is scary, but I am going to do it anyway!”


Hi Jenn,

Great article! I know many people fall into this category. Failure is also part of being successful as we know. Success can be reached whatever that means for each person. Which brings me to my main point. Fear of Success. I looked up the definition after a friend suggested I was afraid of success. I believe in my case and for many others Fear of Success is the reason we don’t quite get everything done, procrastinate, or self-sabotage. I am aware of it now and have taken the steps each day to get past this. So I just wanted to mention it because it’s very real too. There are two sides of the coin so to speak.

That’s right Greg, do it anyway! :fire:

Very true Brenda! And like you, not many people are aware of that fear, or that it even exists. Thank you for bringing that up. I am glad to hear you were able to identify it and take steps to get past it.


Thank you for replying to my comment. Both fears are real! But everyone can learn to identify and combat whichever one it is.

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