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Fred Keller
Price (USD): $25/hour
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Audio Production

It’s no secret that we’ve all been struggling lately. While living in a global pandemic is fun for nobody, the music industry is at a particularly interesting and pivotal point. Now as the United States begins to shut down for a second time, I realize that the best thing I can possibly do is to invest myself more in creating and music. Want to join me?

As a trained musician and engineer, I’m fully equipped to help you bring your music to life. Let’s talk about how I can do that. From composing to mixing to performing, I love it all! I’m also happy to share my knowledge remotely, helping you learn proper recording/mixing techniques so you can maximize the capabilities of your home recordings. I’m offering my remote services on this app at a 50% discount from our typical rate at Everloft Studios in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. We need to keep moving forward so let’s make some music!

Here is a brief compilation of some of my work:

Heath Shane - Paranoia

Satyr (Live at Everloft)

My YouTube Channel

My Bandcamp