Lets make a wallpaper


hey hey hey my names Asia heath im currently from massachusetts I am a African American Graphic design/communications student, i’m here because I really would like to help anyone express themselves in a beautiful way other than hurtful emotions that can effect everything of you mentally and physically especially during this trying time;. whether it be through Drawing a stick figure to lessons for adobe photoshop. contact me however you please whether it be instagram or gmail. This can be a one time thing or a few weeks at a time.
Everybody expresses themselves in different ways and its sad to say some people need a push finding their way during this trying and difficult time the last thing we need is to dig deeper with emotions and there’s no physical way to uproot them. I’m really hoping to have some fun with you !.

  • let me know if you need an adobe account or some free Art platforms REMEMBER its Art you are free to be who you are and we can express that!!!>

**pricing ,
Art is a very time consuming skill to learn and if your down for the challenge i have no problems with a lower than average payment because at the end of the day im here to help you. via online lessons
*depending on the Artist field you decide to begin let’s do it free.
Time periods
1 hour /30 mins
2 hr
What ever you feel most comfy with such as zoom, google meet(hourly pay 17 per hour)

some music

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