Let Me Show You How Cook The Love Food

Who Am I And What Do I Do?

I am Ann from Miami Florida. An ordained Pastor that simply love people. I wear a lot of hats. Catering, Life coach, Teacher, Pastor and more… I have worked very hard through much challenges and life experiences to acquire these hats that I am now wearing. They did not just come to me like that, I have earned them through much trials. However, I come to realize that trials are not there to stop my progress. They are there to help me. So I took the help from them and created my present life and I am here to tell you that you too can do the same.

Deep Dive

I started cooking at a very young age. My first concoction was a big pot of soup. I was very surprised at how it turned out… It was as if I was cooking before birth. lol… All my life…

Deep Dive reflection

Everyone was surprised, because I never cooked before that day, they loved it, so I continued to cook and serve. I love to serve, and the more they love my food… is the more I aim to please, and that’s how it all started. I love to cook. I enjoy cooking for every occasion. Now I cater for events, for birthdays, church functions, for clients in every sector… The awesome thing about my cooking is that people love and enjoy my food, and you will see why, when you taste it too. My food talks!

How Do I help You:

I would like to you teach you how to cook your first meal, from start to finish. Lots of people that never learn how to cook, simply won’t cook at all. However, cooking your own meal will give you a feeling or sense of accomplishment. I will show you how you can save a lot of money by cooking your own meal. I will show you how you can live a healthier and safer lifestyle cooking your own meal. I will show you how you can even loose weight cooking your own meal.

By the way, the food we cook at this table is a hit for children too. Children of every culture seems to love our food, even when their parents might say, their children never eat food like this one before, let us try a small plate, the child would eat and keep coming back for more. At our events for eg. The parents would walk around looking and tasting food with their children wanting to buy food for the child. After walking around the entire event, the children would always come back to get our food.


How Will I Help Someone:

  1. I am here to help anyone who wants to learn how to cook delicious healthy meals from start to finish. Especially if you never cook a meal before and don’t know where to start.

  2. Let me help you learn a new skill.

  3. Let me help you learn a new skill to start a business of your own with super delicious recipes that will keep your clients coming over and over again.

  4. Perhaps you are a small business and you would like to add some new ideas to your menu. We are here for you too.

  5. Let me show you how to cook for an event, party, wedding or just cook up a delicious meal for your family dinner. All children love this food, you will see them eating your delicious meals.

Who Do I Enjoy Working With:

I enjoy working with anyone who wants to learn how to cook. A (foodie) someone that loves food and is passionate about food. Someone who is passionate about learning how to cook. Someone that don’t even know how to boil water. I heard someone say, I will burn water… lol. If you are a water burner. I am here to help you turn that water into something other than burnt up bubbles.

Starting point

Starting from the beginning where you know nothing at all about what pots to use or how to turn on a stove.

End Point

At the end of every cooking sessions, you will be cooking something to eat on that day.

Every day you will be making positive progress that will leave you wowing yourself and the crowd.

You will be cooking a variety of delicious meals at the end of our cooking sessions.

Why am I Passionate about this:

I enjoy serving others. I am very passionate about cooking and seeing people enjoy their meals. I don’t know about anyone, but I don’t like to buy food and I cant enjoy it. I feel I am wasting money. So, I want to make a difference when I serve my food to an individual… I love to see the head bagging as they take every bite. I love to see the surprise look on their faces, eyes popping, heading banging and the food moving to their mouth impatiently waiting for that first bite to swallow to put the next one in when a customer/client taste my food for the first time. I want my clients/customers to have that lingering taste in their mouth after the food is finish from their plates. Food that tells their taste buds I would love to come back to this love kitchen again and again to eat one of the most delicious food in the world.

Why Am I The Best Person To Lead This Small Team:

Sometime ago when I cooked for the homeless for two years straight. I would see some different introduction of foods and one thing that is constantly fresh in my memory is that every one that ever eats at my table would always rush to my van as they see me coming. It doesn’t matter if someone was already there serving them food, everyone was rushing to get to the front of my lines, leaving the other people that came before me. They would always asked me this question? Pastor Ann, how do you cook your food that cause it to taste like this? My answer is always the same. At Pastor Ann’s table. I cook with a lot of love. It’s that love that cause them to always rush to my table. I cook for the hungry, just as if I was the only one eating it. I always eat from the same table as I spread for the homeless. I treat them just like I would want for myself to be treated.

My Teaching Style

Encouraging and motivational. I know you already have the ability to be an excellent cook. I am here to help you to bring that excellence out so you can see what great gifts you have inside of you.

My Expectations:

Show up on time with video turned on. Please make sure there are minimum if any background noises. A well lit room. Be ready with a list of items as we will discuss prior to our session.

What Happens When Someone buys:

I will contact you within 24 hour by sending messages on Talktimers. From there, we will schedule our first cooking session to get you started and ready to go.

A Fun Fact About Me:

When I am driving down the road and see an environment and people that needs help. I just started praying even with big tears running down my cheeks, asking God to show me how I can help this environment and these people live a better life and in a better environment.

One on one session $75 per 20 minutes (USD)

Payments We Accept

We accept payments by Cash App and PayPal

Group Programs

Small Group (5)

  • 45 Minutes Per Sessions
  • 1 session per week
  • 4 weeks
    2600 = (650 per week x 4)

Medium Group (6 to 12)

  • 45 Minutes Per Session
  • 1 Session per week
  • 4 weeks
  • $3120 = (780 per week x 4 ) group of 6
    $6240 = (1560 per week x 4) group of 12

Large Group (13 to 20)

  • 45 Minutes Per Session
  • 1 Session per week
  • 4 weeks
  • $6760 = (1690 per week x 4) group of 13
    $10,400 = (2600 per week x 4) group of 20

Where is the Location:

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You food looks so wonderful! I would love to be able to sit and enjoy your meals one day. I like your posting so much and I truly hope that we can further collaborate! Great work thus far on your presentations!

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Hi Daniele, thank you very much. I certainly appreciate you. Definitely, anytime. Perhaps we can arrange a cooking session one day. lol.

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Yes very soon at least for a chat service recipe! I hope so even when I finally make it back in USA to have it in real life!!

Awesome. I look forward to serving you with some delicious food. You have a lot to choose from. Thank you Daniele.
Have an excellent rest of the week with great success and all positive reports.

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