Let a man be himself (whatever that looks like, let him)

These are my thoughts and feelings today, after a weekend of zoom drill with all my Navy Diver brethren.
Today specifically, we laughed, we joked. They all felt open and safe, even with me in the chat, they were themselves.
It was awesome.
I take great pride, gratitude and flattery in this feeling from my brothers.

And this is what came to my mind shortly after:

It’s important to allow men to be themselves.
This is how you build a truly open relationship with a man, (as a woman).
This doesn’t mean you tolerate disrespect or let them cross your own personal healthy boundaries.
Those boundaries can vary greatly from woman to woman. (Be careful fellas)

What it does mean:
Stop taking everything they say personal.
Don’t be so vein.
It’s not always about you honey.

Most men speak freely and openly when they are in a “safe” environment.
And this is not something many woman get to experience, as I have.
I feel blessed for that.

Woman tend to get very “wrapped around the axle” taking every word a man says and hanging on it as if it’s glued to their body!
Men can be so naturally light hearted, easy to forgive & forget, then they get right back to the business or task or friendship at hand.

Woman aren’t as tactical at this.

Most woman’s first response is not a response at all, its a reaction, & typically filled with drama.

This is an art for a woman, a learned skill!
IT does NOT come natural for most woman to be comfortable in a room full of ALPHA males.
And that’s okay, you may never feel comfortable in that environment.

I feel very natural & very comfortable in this environment, always have.
And for that I am grateful.

I certainly prefer a room full of men, as apposed to a room full of contagious and bitter whining gossip.
Not to make a blanket claim that every woman does this or behaves in this manner.
I know some very cool-RADICAL-bad ass chicks and even girly girls that can hold their own in a room full of sweaty dudes.

Some woman may not even be able to fathom this concept, or some woman may get angry while reading this.
Well, Congratulations, you my dear are a basic and average woman. But there is Hope.
Don’t worry.

Where does this come from you may ask…My theory is this;

At a very very young age our mothers, maybe both parents, taught us it was okay to be reactive and a complete emotional bag of goop, just because we are girls.
Well, I disagree with this, matter of fact I HIGHLY disagree and discourage teaching this behavior to your daughters, if you are blessed with daughters.

These behaviors do nothing but merely set us up for a lifetime of utter failure with a man.
Not all men, some men accept this, some men even think it’s cute or necessary for their lady to behave in this way.
Well, congratulations my brother, you are an average and basic man.

However, A man that harnesses ‘King’ tendencies.
He will never be attracted to this type of woman.
He won’t even use her for sex.
Take note of that ladies.

I don’t know about you, but I personally am looking to have a KING someday.
Not a basic man.
Because I am a D@mn QUEEN.
And you are too.
Maybe you just need a boost. I can help with that.

My main intention in this journal blog is to say;

Learn from the male energy!
Stop flattering yourselves into thinking everything, every word a man says is a reflection or suggestive towards YOU or about you.
I can assure you it is not.

This is magic ladies.

If you can learn this skill, not only will you be welcomed in to a world you didn’t know existed, (untouched territory for some woman).
YOU will also 100% set yourself above and apart from the average girl.

Ladies, if this article has left you frustrated, babbled, upset or questioning yourself, please reach out to me…
Same for you gentleman, I am not only here to help the ladies.
I have a lot to offer both sexes.
Check out my main page on here.


Much-Much love.

HOOYAH to my deep sea brothers, and all other men reading this.
My hat goes off to you…