Learn Statistics, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning and abstract topics of Math with detailed visualization and analogies from life. Math is fun and it has to be taught in fun way

Hi all. This class is 1 hr class for group of two people. The price is 25$/hr. For money transfer, I use Paypal platform.

The class is for both undergraduate and graduate students who wants to learn and to strengthen Statistics, Machine Learning, Linear Algebra. Based on the need I may offer classes for other sections of Math such as Probability theory, Topology, etc. Even if you are student in Math department, I know from my experience that how hard to understand some topics especially abstract topics. And the mistake of most of the instructors is not making empathy with the students. Math is fun and it has to be presented as fun.

Class is going to be interactive and all the topics will be explained with visualization for the students to understand the topics as easily as possible. I am going to teach classes in Zoom platform.

I am graduate research assistant in the University of Tulsa. Through my education and research I gained a lot of experience in learning different parts of Math, especially Statistics, Data Science and Linear Algebra. My main strength is being able to explain Math to myself as simple as possible with Feynman technique. I try to find analogy in life to be able to explain abstract topics of Math, and try to visualize them. Based on my experience I can certainly say that I explained topics to myself and to my students in the way that they have never been taught. The best part of my classes is that I explain things with their applications in real life. Therefore, all classes I teach are full of fun and knowledge.

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Hello, I have expertise in the same domain.
Did any people contact you for classes?
Hows it going?