Learn how to make dope Hip-Hop and R&B beats!

Louric Oshay

  • Beginner 1-on-1 classes are $65/hr.
  • Intermediate 1-on-1 classes are $195/4 pack of 1 hr. Lessons
  • Advanced class is small group of 5 for $1,000
  • Sip and Sample beginning at $15/person

Hey what’s going on everyone? My name is Louric Oshay (think “lyric” but with a Lou as in Louis) but most people just call me Oshay. I am a music creator, educator, and entrepreneur and I’m checking in from Nashville, TN. I am an Apple Certified Pro in Logic Pro X and an Adjunct Professor teaching “Hip-Hop Production Techniques” at Belmont University. When I was teaching music production in a $1.2 million dollar studio in a Nashville high school, I would always get questions and comments like “Man I bet your kids love your class”, “Can I sign up for your class”, and “I wish they had this when I was in school” from outside guests which got me to start thinking, “How can I take what I’m doing in the classroom outside of the classroom. Hmmm…” and thus Beats & Bars was born!

News Channel 5 Feature

We Create Music TV Interview

Production Work

I want to offer you 2 totally unique experiences in “The Entreproducer” and “Sip and Sample”.

The Entreproducer is a music production & music business course based in Soundtrap (no additional software to download; Mac or PC) or Apple Logic Pro X (Mac only).

How to Make a Drum Beat in Logic Pro X

“Sip and Sample” is an interactive beat-making event that cultivates community through creative expression, collaborating engagement, and the opportunity to “Wine” down and TURN UP in a party-like atmosphere with the challenge of a class.

Sip and Sample Business Pitch remixed

Entreproducer is designed for current recording artists and songwriters looking to equip themselves with a clear understanding of industry terminology, troubleshooting techniques, music production & arrangement, and the 21st century skills necessary for success in the music industry, while Sip and Sample is designed with for those without professional aspirations who are looking to learn a new skill while having fun and creating memories with friends and family.

Teaching on Music Business and Copyright Law

Each level of class includes direct instruction, guided instruction, and practice time.

Beginner and Intermediate lessons are 1 hour each. Advanced group lessons are 2x/week for 90 minutes each. Sip and Sample parties are 2-3 hours each.

Lessons and parties will be hosted on Zoom.

Preferred payment methods are Paypal or a major credit card

I have been producing, engineering, and teaching music on every grade level for over 10 years and I am so excited for the opportunity to partner with you through Talktime to help you identify and achieve your goals.

I look forward to fielding and answering your questions here.

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