Learn how to make a perfect decision with me!

Ever thought how different your life would’ve been if you wouldn’t have chosen the path that you’re walking on today?

I’m sorry for beginning this post with such a complicated question but be honest, wasn’t that a personal attack?

We make certain wrong decisions, regret, cry, mourn for a little longer than before, learn (well, sometimes we don’t and that’s okay;p), gather ourselves back and here we are.

Boom !
A time like this, strikes every person’s life where he/ she finds himself/ herself standing at the starting point of a tough crossroad. One cannot really figure out which way to go and which way to avoid. Both the roads equally feel good to go but a sense of doubt also comes across mind at the same time. Now what to do?
-Should I choose any of the roads and then see what happens next?
-Should I wait here at the starting point and start calculating the repercussions first?
-Or should I just believe in myself and pick the one my heart provokes me to?
-But my mind speaks logic too!

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Oh by the way, I am Riya from India and I just joined this platform a couple hours ago. I would really love to make new friends and offer my services ! Oops! Did I mention that my pen name is Crystall?