Lacrosse Coaching

Hello! My name is Cole Sutherland, and I am offering Lacrosse Coaching Services virtually!

What’s Your Lacrosse History?
I have been playing lacrosse for over 7 years, plus years of coaching boy’s & girls lacrosse. I am also scheduled to referee this upcoming season. I have played every position in lacrosse as well.

How Will You Teach Virtually?
Great question! Lacrosse is a sport you can learn 90% about in your living room believe it or not. You can learn about your very own lacrosse stick all the way to the dodges that score you goals in the comfort of your home. I can teach you the ins & outs of lacrosse via (FaceTime, Zoom etc.) easily with my services! I do coach every position in lacrosse too!

How Much Do You Charge?
I understand money is not easy for everyone and anyone right now. That is why I do not offer a set schedule for all of my clients. You can cancel anytime you need to. My prices are the following -

• 1 Session/1 Hour : $20

Meaning, every session is only $20 & it is an hour of increasing your lacrosse knowledge. If you can not afford the price then I am more than happy to work something out with you!

How Can We Contact You?
The absolute best way to contact me is via my cell number. Texting is the absolute best. My number is 702-807-1554.

Thank you, if you have any questions feel free to text me, and let’s increase your lacrosse career!