Kink/LGBTQ+ Acceptance/advice

Hello, my name is Lyra. I am a 21 year old woman that is tired of being told it isn’t appropriate to speak about sexuality and kink. I believe it’s an important step to loving yourself. I’m not an expert, won’t claim that. I do however have several years of experience and a background that made it very difficult to be open about sexuality and kink, so I can relate. I am into BDSM, and DDLG, and am an asexual panromantic. I would love to help you accept yourself by talking to you about my experiences and upbringing and listening about yours and just sharing experiences and talking of the subjects. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Lyra,

Good for you! I think that bringing Kink/BDSM/LFBTQ+ out into the daylight is a great thing! Too many are closeted, simply afraid, or unknowing; and any effort to help people know more is a great thing!

Sorry for being anonymous, I am out to some, but not to folks I work with (being a 64 YO married engineer in an open relationship, and also a bi switch, is not conducive to continued employment).

Good luck helping people!

Be well, stay safe!


Dear Lyra,

You attract what you subconsciously believe.

I personally think if someone is attracted to someone or something there’s no need to change it. It’s like an undeniable truth, it’s someone’s nature. I think over time you will find those who you are in a vibrational match with(if you are in energy of rejection, you will attract those types of people). Therefore raise your vibration and you will find your location where you fit in, have fun, and enjoy yourself.


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