Kids fitness, strength/conditioning, and health

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am writing a book so that kids can achieve their goals effectively for their future dreams of being a great athlete or just for the sake of staying fit and active the correct way! As a Human Movement Scientist, I dig deep to understand the body and how each individual takes on load. The hip complex, pelvic floor, and what is called the thoracic cage (lats, pecs, intercostals, all surrounding musculoskeletal components), and the obliques (both internal and external) are vital when obtaining strength and tenacity for growth, sport, and general fitness. My goal is to bring awareness to a human so that injury is not prevalent.

I am offering some free advice for the next 72 hours so that I can gain a perspective on what kids need at this time during COVID and the changes we face.

My going rate is usually $85/hour, but I want to give back to my community for a little while, so bring on your questions!!

Feel free to also visit my website and let me know what you might want to see on there that would help encourage you.

You might be a parent, or you might actually be in middle school looking at this post. Either way, I deal with both parents and kids the same way. I treat everyone with respect and understand we all have opinions and thoughts. Our voices must be expressed, no matter who you are!

I look forward to helping you!

Hi Sarah!
My son is 7.5 and he has high arches on his feet. He tends to walk on the inside of his feet with his ankles very misaligned. I can see future problems if I can’t get him to walk correctly.
Any thoughts?
Thank you for your offering!