Job loss? Career change? Professional Development?

Hi! My name is Maureen but you can call me Mojo. I have a small practice of Life and Career Coaching. I have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry as an executive leader. I have hired and fired (unfortunately) and I have applied for jobs. I have coached and mentored my employees, family and friends on how to improve their professional life. I have worked with people in many industries.

Have you lost your job due to COVID or other reasons or are you just looking to make a change? I can help!

Are you looking to improve your professional life but remain at your organization in the same role or move to the next level? Been there, done that! I have even become the manager for people who were my peers!

I do resume redesign, coach for interview preparation and help with job searches! If you are looking to change industries or start your own business, I can work with you! I can work with you on professional development to improve your work life.

$35/30 minutes of dynamic, goal oriented discussion.

Visit Sea Glass Life & Career Coaching, LLC for information on these services and more.
Oh and feel free to call or text 860-724-6910 to set up time to talk! I look forward with Coaching with you!

Sea Glass Life & Career Coaching, LLC