Job hunting, Resume improvement, Interview skills

Hi everyone. I am an engineer with 22 years of experience and based in the United Kingdom. I will be sharing any tips I can based on my personal experience of being on both sides of the hiring process in the engineering sector. All are welcome to add/ comment.
If you feel more interested, I can consider a one to one, but no promises at this stage :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Resume
    Spend time and effort on your resume. It’s your embassador to the hirers. Make sure it’s equipped with all the tools it needs to deliver. If you made yours a year or few years ago, and think its still good enough as nothing much has changed, you are wrong! The world around you has changed, and so should you and your embassador.
    More on the Whats and Hows later.

  2. Job Hunting
    Make sure you are registered on all the relevant boards related to your field, or big names general boards. Make sue you are on LinkedIn… If I was to choose one single board and nothing else, it will be LinkedIn. Again spend time on your profile there and create as many connections as you can.
    It’s a topic on its own, so more details later.

  3. Interview
    One word… PREPARE, and if two… PREPARE WELL!
    More later about how to prepare.