It is ok to Feel anxious but it is not ok to Stay anxious

This year, 2020, has created anxiety among majority of people around the world. Many of us are feeling like we are in a twilight zone, many of us are scratching our heads in disbelief, our lives have all been jolted and we are still reeling from the jolt and hoping to land on our feet. But the good news, is that, out of the bad comes the good. We have seen human nature at its’ best. There are many acts of kindness has emerged, from simple checking one another by phone to group sessions on zoom and similar platforms.
Life Coaching has become one of the practical ways to help many people manage and navigate life through this Corona “Fog” and what we are now trying to make the the norm.
However, you do not have to go through this period alone, it is ok to feel anxious but it is not ok to stay anxious. This takes a toll on our mental and physical health. One on one sessions with me, your Life Coach, will help set up a program unique to targeting what is causing your anxiety and to tap into your potential to help you find the reasons and the answers to alleviate anxieties.