Is your journey hindered by your tribe? πŸ’–

I hear so often people talking about their intention to grow.

The struggles they are having and experiencing with dear old friends that drag you down or do not support your journey.

This causes such angst with the dilemma of loyalty to the stifling of personal development.

Do we stay to please others or do we please ourselves??

You have YOUR journey, you have your growth, you have your experiences and when your door opens you HAVE to walk through. Friends can be fleeting, they can be lifelong but they are in your life for a purpose and that is to support and be there for you and visa versa, it is an unwritten contract of comradeship and at times that contract expires. You are allowed to let them go.

If they are true friends and if they are truly looking out for your happiness then, even if your journey isn’t for them, they will ride shotgun and be there all the way. Now that’s friendship.

If they try to make you detour or stop at their destination then it’s time to drop them off and maybe they will reappear further down your line, IF THEY ARE MEANT TOO.

We all have different journeys but yours in the only one that truly matters for Your happiness.

If I can help you plan, strategise and be your support crew on that journey, help pump up the tyres, help with the GPS change of direction and be your best radio motivational support station on that trip of your lifetime, then I would be honoured and privileged to be there for you.