Is Talktime a struggle for you?

Hello everyone,

I think it’s about time we address something that I need your help to resolve: Unless I am grossly mistaken, most of us came to this website hoping to make money off of the other users, but we haven’t been interested in spending our own. If this is the case, then that means that almost nobody here is looking to purchase anybody’s services, and that means we’re not making money.

So, here’s what I am requesting help with:
Please let me know whether you see this situation the way I do.
What is your biggest struggle here on TalkTime, whether you’re a seller or a buyer?
Have you been able to get some business in your time here?
Or, if you’re a buyer, have you been able to find what you’re looking for?

I think TalkTime is a great project, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I also think that we’re in a situation that we need to come together to solve so we can all get some business out of this. Time to put our mouths where our money isn’t, so to speak.

What are your struggles? And how can we help each other with them?


Like you I came here to make money, but to date I’m not aware of anyone cashing in on this site. Until I do I’m not going to waste my valuable time blogging into the atmosphere. My 2 cents…

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That’s valid. I think, though, that one of the best things we could be doing is bringing friends and family onto TalkTime. We have many sellers and providers, but it seems the buyers and clients are sparse; so let’s get others to come and join the community. Even if our acquaintances etc. don’t buy our services, they could still bring more people than most of us ever could onto the platform.

Is it worth it to invite people to the platform? Or should it be left to grow or shrink without our help?


My understanding when I joined was that the owners where going to take it public by mid Feb. That made sense to me that the owners were taking responsibility to grow it.


they invited me here to post my services from an online job post, so far nothing, i have no clue what is going on, more like a waste of time.

I am having difficulty understanding the procedure on getting set up. Is there anyone that I can speak with that can give me more information?

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I’ve been on the platform for about a month, and if you’d like some of my insights on the situation I’ll happily do so privately.

Sounds Good!

How to do private? Send message to my email?

I’m with you on that. Is there something better we can do. I know there are a lot of different Life Coaches on here, including myself who all want to help others and are looking for clients. I’m here for those who could use my expertise in Achievement and Stress Mgmt for women and men business creatives. Especially those just starting out. I’m very flexible with my programs and cost. I do free consultations for up to 30 min.

Having said that. I’m willing to work with whatever can be done to help one another in other ways too.

Thank you for sharing this post! :grin:

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I came here looking for clients and haven’t found any yet. However, I became a client of someone else who was offering a service I needed. I didn’t expect that because it’s not why I joined, it just happened that way.

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Is that true @darrius ?

This is a great discussion. Thanks for bring this up @SnappyFellow

Instead of looking at Talktime as a way to make money, consider it as a tool / community / support group where you can offer and ask for help.

Talktime is a place to find someone to talk to. You can start the conversation in a variety of way such as journaling or posting under offer help / ask for help. It’s an open and free platform where you can use it for anything. Make new friends. Post your thoughts. Offer and buy services.

Organic traffic is something that the Talktime team is working on. And in time, it will grow. We are taking responsibility to grow it as @Waikiki pointed out.

@CaraE.King that’s awesome that you were able to become a client of someone else. Hopefully, they have been able to provide you with a great experience so far.

What other concerns can I help to address? What else would you guys like? In terms of training, happy to host some live sessions on how to clarify your message and work with more clients. Just post below what you’d like to learn.

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@darrius, I think that using the platform for a wide range of community-oriented mutual support and such is a really good idea and a worthwhile thing for us talktimers; and as I mentioned in the original post at the top, I think this is a good project, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Please keep those in your mind while I give you a piece of mine.

The one thing you should not have said is:

I’ll tell you why it was a bad move to say it: Suggesting to us that this platform is not supposed to be viewed as a way to make money is actually dishonest. Most of us here on the platform arrived and signed up because we were led here through job listings for remote life coaching and other remote “positions”. They were and still are listed and advertised as jobs. Observe the following language taken from the official Talktime listings:

We were led here, collectively and individually, with the explicitly established expectation that this platform would be a place to start and grow our life coaching (and/or other) practices, gain and retain clients & customers, and develop skills through training (including live web-based conferences) provided and presented by the Talktime team. We were told and reassured in the job listings, the introductory videos, the “Talk like a person” worksheet, and other instances that Talktime is indeed a way to make money. That is why it is blatantly dishonest of you to tell us that we should not look at Talktime as a way to make money.

I will weather this unfortunate dearth of potential clients, I will work to overcome the obstacles of the current situation in an effort to grow my business without help from anybody else if need be, and I will make the best of what the Talktime environment offers even if it falls short of my expectations, but I will not swallow these false implications that Talktime is somehow not actually intended to provide us a means to create more income.

Darrius, let’s come to an understanding here: I am happy to use and promote Talktime, and will gratefully stick around and keep doing my part to build the culture here; but can you come up with a compelling reason why we all shouldn’t expect you to represent the Talktime team without simultaneously taking us for fools and sullying the integrity of the team itself by directly contradicting the messaging and assurances that persuaded us to join up in the first place?

One final note: What I would request is that you do not apologize in response to this, as that would be the easy thing to do. What I am interested in is an absence of suggestions like the one I’ve been rebutting. That’s basically it.

This is becoming a growing concern, especially for those who are planning on using this as a main source of income. I, myself, was hoping to get started on remote tutoring, but I haven’t heard a peep. Granted, public schools have just begun opening back up in my city in January, and they’re doing the hybrid system. But an update on how Talktime is doing the advertising for our services, if there is any going on at all, would be much appreciated.

Often times going direct for the sale will not lead to the outcome that you’re expecting. “Instead of looking at Talktime as a way to make money…” is the right statement. Talktime is not a platform for quick transactions such as Fiverr, Upwork, Thumbtack, etc. Talktime is a place for relationships. When you lead with relationship building in mind and helping others, sales and ‘making money’ naturally follow. More traffic and training is in the works.

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OK, the statement, though, doesn’t match up with what you’re explaining here. BTW, I’m actually on Fiverr, and I have no expectation of Talktime being even vaguely similar.

You’re talking about how this is supposed to be an environment in which relationships are formed and cultivated in order to finally yield business and income, right? That’s not what “Instead of looking at Talktime as a way to make money…” says, because based on what you’re trying to convey, it’s an incomplete thought. See, now I think I get the thrust of what you’re going for, but the aforementioned statement, as it stood, isn’t a good way to put it. How about this:
“Instead of looking at Talktime as a way to make money quickly, or based on impersonal transactions with people you likely won’t hear from again, consider it as a tool / community / support group where you can offer and ask for help."
Is that a more meaningful way of putting your point?

Hi Darrius. I agree with what Snappy Fellow is saying in how we all got to this platform as it was listed as a job. I also understand where you are coming from and think this platform has a lot of potential. It is about figuring out how to make it work for everyone.

One thing that would be helpful is let us know when you are doing live trainings to help get more out of this platform. I have tried several times to find that and I don’t see it anywhere, when originally when I got here a few months ago I did know where that was posted.
Also being able to communicate with you and if you have other admins when we have questions as when I click on the “contact” button it just takes me back to the home page and there is no way to reach out to you. It would be great if you could add a “support” email or contact here. Thank you.

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I came looking for clients/work, not finding any so far.
Seems mostly people offering help, as OP said.

I could talk up the platform as a place where lots of people are helpful/offering help with life and business.

I’m looking for people who need help with Data Science, especially Machine Learning.

Maybe they need a consultant to help them with their data.
Maybe they need coaching in DS and ML.
Maybe they need jobs.

Good point.
Thanks for reminding us/telling us.

We should stay the course.
I guess mid-Feb is about now.
So maybe time to invite people who’d like help.