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Greetings Everyone:) Let me introduce myself to you. For the last 20 years my family has had the amazing pleasure of providing our home to international students during their study term in Canada. We have hosted well over 30 students from 14 different nations around the world. We have enjoyed this so much that in 2005 I became an international student manager for Global Partners Institute (GPI). I have advised and supported over 2500 international students in their once in a lifetime study experiences here in Canada.

My levels of student support include…

#1 I research and build connections with schools across Canada. Since 2005 I have built many strong connections. Currently I represent over 50 High Schools and Post Secondary Institutions across Canada. As part of my research I have developed in depth profiles on the communities. I do this research so you don’t have to. I can review what you want to get out of your study experience here in Canada and match you to the right school, community, and host family or boarding situation to meet your financial needs and your interests. I cater our connections to you and provide you with several options of Urban City locations, Mid Sized Communities to Small Rural Communities which in my opinion are the best locations to immerse in the English Language as well as have opportunities to learn about Canadian Culture and to share your own unique culture.

#2 Once you have a solid idea where you would like to go in Canada, I can connect you with reputable immigration assistance in your home country and provide you advice on how to enter Canada and what paperwork you will need for entry as well as gain acceptance at the study institution we match to you. I also have contract Immigration Canada (IRCC) staff at my disposal that I can connect you with. This level of assistance is very valuable right now as the requirements for entry into Canada due to COVID-19 have become very diverse and I want to ensure you get the right advice to gain positive entry. One slight disclaimer here…I don’t guarantee you will get accepted by an educational institution because that is dependent on your personal merit. I will submit on your behalf your transcript’s, English language level, letters of recommendation, health records etc. to help demonstrate that you are a solid candidate for the institution.

#3 Once you are accepted by a school I can assist you with any questions you may have leading up to your program start. If you wish to live with a host family in Canada I can connect you with a fully screened family that lives in your educational community. On that note I also provide host family consultations for families that wish to get into this wonderful experience. I have over 600 families in Alberta alone. In the 90 days leading up to your arrival you will get a family profile and can converse with your future family.

#4 If you are under the age of 18 years, you will need a “Legal Custodian” that lives in Canada . I provide students with myself as they legal custodian during their time here. The legal custodian assists the student with any legal issues, interaction with schools, medical support etc. I would enter into a Legal Custodian Agreement with your parents as part of your application to come to Canada.

#5 On your journey here I can provide you with airport advice and in person support. During COVID-19 travelers also require a set quarantine plan coming into the country. I provide quarantine services (both hotel and homestay options). I also can provide a daily cultural preparation course and ESL enhancement program daily during your quarantine to give you something to do and to make the most of your time.

#6 for the remainder of your stay in Canada I offer support and advice not only for yourself but also to your school and homestay to ensure you are successful. I have local people within 15 minutes of your residence that are on call to help. If your parents want physical monthly reports on how you are doing, I can help with that as well.

#7 For adult students that require less direct support I can step back and just be available to you for consultation during your stay when you need me. For students that wish to live alone (over 18) there are dormitory options I can connect you with or assist you with resources should you wish to rent accommodation in the community.

#8 Many students wish to remain in Canada and work after their study (Post Graduate Work Permit) and begin to move towards other education options or even Canadian Citizenship. I can offer advice and the right connections to help you in those areas.

Duly note that until you are accepted into and arrive in Canada and begin your study I receive no compensation. How do I make a living? The schools we register in pay me a commission off of your tuition that you pay. You pay no more or no less for tuition but there are obvious advantages to having me support you in your efforts. If you eventually decide to register and allow me to provide you with full services I do charge a non-refundable $250 application fee.

My pricing is quite simple and if you look around you will find it very competitive and in many areas lower than people competing with us in the study abroad education industry.

First and foremost consultation is FREE. I am using this platform because I truly enjoy helping international students and host families during their experience in Canada. It is what I have dedicated my career to!

What fees can a student expect in coming to Canada?

*** Tuition** - I do not control tuition. It is something that all international students need to pay their school. Tuition in Canada can range from as low as $6900.00 CND a year to the $15,000 CDN range. I can however direct you to an institution that will meet your budget, educational requirements and interests. If you want to come for one semester or a shorter period of time most school will prorate years tuition down to a month rate paid in advance.

*** Custodial Services**- If you are under the age of 18 years a legal custodian is required for entry into Canada as a student. I charge $500 to be your legal custodian for the year.

*** Homestay-** My homestay families are considered volunteers. They host because they believe in intra-cultural sharing and international relationships. That being said hosting a student costs money for food and utilities. I pay your host family on your behalf monthly $800-$1000CDN which works out to around $26 per night. I also charge a $500 Homestay Placement Fee. This goes toward an in person visit and family orientation, making sure the family meets local fire and rental codes, inspecting the room the student will stay in, Criminal record checks and family profile development. Note should we need to move you to a different homestay during your stay 1 student move is covered by this fee.

*** Airport Transfer Services-** I charge a $250.00 one time fee to arrange in person transport from the airport on your arrival and back to the airport on your departure. If you think you need someone to help you transfer between flights on your journey through Canada we can assist with that for $150.00. Any overnight hotel accommodations are extra and subject to whatever seasonal rate the hotel we are using charges.

*** Program Support While In Country-** If you require ongoing monthly or on call support while you are in Canada (Especially for those under 18years of age) I charge $4000,00 CDN (Fee can be prorates for shorter periods of time.

*** Boarding School-** If you choose to live in a boarding school during your stay, most boarding schools charge in the $15,000.00 a year for accommodation. You would pay that and any deposits direct to the school.

*** Quarantine-** At the moment due to COVID-19 you are required to have a 14 day quarantine plan in place. I can provide a supported quarantine program with daily orientation to Canada, meal services and medical assistance for $3000.00 CDN (subject to change due to current hotel rates around your arrival dates)

All in all I am a service provider as well as an international support person. The above prices are not all inclusive but based upon the services I provide to you. If you decide to come to Canada I can consult with you as to the service you might need and send you a free quote in advance to review yourself or with your parents.

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Experience The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Ask Me Anything…Hi! I’m Neil from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada , I help International students with their study abroad in Canada plans and connecting them with schools, host families and resources throughout their stay in Canada. I am a certified ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor

What’s a fun fact about you?

I have joined the Keto lifestyle this year and have lost 100lbs

In addition to my occupation I volunteered for over 20 years with the Canadian Ski Patrol as a patrol leader at a local ski area, providing first aid and rescue to the public. I also love to walk my dog Lucy and on holidays go rock climbing and camping with my daughters and wife.

What can you talk about for hours?

Canada!!! I love to share about life and Canada and I am very proud of my country. I truly enjoy different cultures and sharing my own

What’s your favorite smell?

The pine forest after a good rain

What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?

I am proud of my students and their host families. I love to share their experiences with others.

What’s one super power you would NOT want?

Mind reading…I would rather not want to know what is going on in peoples heads…though it would probably be interesting LOL

What is the most normal thing about you?

I am pretty down to earth. I mostly just like to hang out with close friends and family. My idea of an ideal day is sitting around a campfire with everyone and enjoying good music and food.

What do you hate?

Ignorant people that don’t base their opinions on science or fact (A lot of that going on in social media these days)

Anything else that you’d like to share?

Not really, drop me a note and I am happy to chat

My teaching style

I like to assess people and build a relationship and get to know your needs. Then I will provide you with the resources you need and give you time to review and ask questions for clarification. Once we have all that nailed down together we can move from there.

What can you expect from my lessons?

Quality advice to meet your needs stemming from over 20 years experience

Why me?

My sole objective is to help you be successful and to come to Canada

Why I’m passionate about this?

I am passionate about my mission, believing that by providing intercultural experiences for host families and students, I am changing the world for the better. My most cherished memories are watching students and host families grow throughout their exchange year. Not only does each student’s English greatly improve, they depart Canada as far more mature and worldly citizens for their experience, having developed lifelong bonds with their Canadian family. Being part of that experience is my greatest reward for my hard work and dedication.

Good morning everyone:) I am back from my Christmas Vacation and am ready to roll into the new year with new updates on student consultation and assisting people in their efforts to come to Canada and registrations in their educational institutions for 2021. Just a quick reminder to everyone that Canadian educational institutions are actively accepting registrations for Sept 2021. Delays in registering can mean loosing your chances of getting into face to face educational opportunities this coming fall.

Good morning everyone:) My Designated Language Institutions (DLI’s) are actively accepting international student applications for September 2021. I would hate to see anyone miss out on the opportunities to study in Canada for 2021. The majority of my partner schools are open and doing face to face education.

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