Intentional Living

                          Psalms 150:6

Breathing! It is such a precious gift that we take for granted. An essential aspect of life that those of us here reading today may not have thought about today. The oxygen we are using for every breath we take has helped us walk from our beds to the bathroom, communicate with our loved ones, friends, and even with our co-workers and strangers.

The scriptures say Let everything that hath BREATH to Praise the Lord! What if just as natural as it is for us to breathe that we would praise the Lord with the breath of life he has given us first thing in the morning? What if we took the precious gift and we used our breath to speak grace over someone who has hurt us? What if we took that gift and loudly shouted thanks to our God in every situation and circumstance? Acts 17:28 AMP For (IN) Him we live and move and have our being [that is, in Him, we have our being!

Let us intentionally, with a grateful heart, praise God, for He is worthy of all our recognition and Praise!

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Indeed. breathing is a wonderful gift to us by GOD. and Only He hold the count of every breath.
thanks for sharing

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