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Hello Everyone! I’m Doug. For the past 18 years I have held various Intelligence Analysis positions with Law Enforcement, the Intelligence Community and the Dept. of Defense. Currently, I am a Senior Intelligence Analyst working for the United States Army Special Operations Command (Green Berets; Army version of the Navy SEALs).

I’m offering my knowledge and experience from within the Intelligence community to instruct, mentor, tutor, advise, or just plain be a sounding board to aspiring Intelligence Analysts. No matter if you are enrolled in a college (grad/undergrad) program, searching for a career change or are just really interested in history and how Intelligence analysis is currently being applied towards our National Security, I’m here to assist!

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What To Expect

My teaching style
Relaxed and conversational. Intel analysts are always throwing their thoughts and theories off others in the community, constantly questioning. No better way to delve deep into this area then have vigorous discussions!

What can you expect from my lessons?
My Intel experience covers all three main variations (Intelligence Community, Military, and Law Enforcement) of National Security analysis. We can stay high-level or dive deep on one (or numerous) topics. Our discussions and readings will be specifically tailored to your objectives.

If you are taking classes related to Intelligence and would like help with your course work we will create a complementary program for you. Maybe you want to cover subjects that your school does not offer? We can create a program around those desires as well.

Possibly you are looking for resume builders and want to know the best skills to attain that will help you stand out in a crowd? We can easily discuss the realities of breaking into the Intel community, obtaining a clearance and helping you find the best programs, internships and resources to get that job.

Bottom line - Everyone has unique interests that makes them want to get into this line of work. It will be my pleasure to work with you as a teammate, focusing you on the skills and knowledge that will enable your success.

Sampling of various topics we could use in tailoring a course for your objectives:

  • Overview of the Intelligence Community and basic terms/vocabulary

  • History of the Intelligence Community (origins of various agencies)

  • The Intelligence Cycle & the Targeting Cycle

  • Understanding the various types of Intelligence that is collected and how

  • Study of Cold War/Post-Cold War Intelligence (Russia and the various Eastern Bloc services vs the West)

  • Study of Pre-9/11 / Post 9/11 Intelligence (Terrorism Rising)

  • Future of Intelligence (Great Power Competition)

  • Intelligence Policy, Authority, Decision Making

  • White House / National Security Council / Congress with respect to Intelligence

  • Critical thinking skills, Analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH), logic, inference, creating alternative arguments, assumptions and their implications, and evaluating reasoning

Why me?
Simple - I was once in your shoes, dreaming of getting into the Intelligence Community and not knowing where to begin. I definitely took the long, winding road instead of the direct path. My journey has been incredible (hopefully with more to come!), but in my early years, if I had someone mentor me, who had lived this career, I might have made better decisions to achieve my goals faster.

More importantly, I’m an extremely rare intel analyst from multiple stand points. I have had the privilege of serving in a Federal Law Enforcement headquarters in Washington, DC, serving in a Dept. of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Office, the Pentagon and now at a military installation with some of America’s most elite warriors.

Everyone of these roles has demanded that we collaborate with numerous agencies throughout the US Government (USG) and each of these positions focused on different aspects of national security. From drugs, human trafficking, gangs, illegal finance, counterproliferation and counterterrorism I have been fortunate to interact and see the inner workings of various levels of power across the USG. I have had all of these unique intel experiences without ever serving in the military or as a law enforcement officer. Most find that last part extremely hard to believe.

I will assist you in laying a strong foundation that you can build upon while acting as your navigator through the world of intelligence analysis, government agencies and government contracting companies. Tailored reading lists (books, articles, and policy papers), degree and certification programs to pursue, internships and interview advice; my guidance runs the gamut! We will work as a team to identify your ultimate objectives and then lay out steps to achieve them.

Why I’m passionate about this?
I love history, I love to read and most importantly I love to think. Three perfect ingredients for having discussions that generate even more thoughts. I expect to learn from you and much as you from me. A key skill of an great intel analyst is having the ability to look at the same problem from various angles; considering the various ways of solving the problem at hand. Very similar to being a good chess player and anticipating multiple moves ahead of time.

I also come from a long line of teachers in my family so the opportunity to guide and mentor runs in my blood. Combine all of this with a strong love of country and ascribing to the Green Beret motto de oppresso liber (“to free the oppressed”) and you have an individual that wants to make sure our national security establishment is in good hands for the following generations to come.


Private 1-on-1

  • First session free so we can discuss your goals and interests. This will allow us to develop a learning/study plan that will maximize your goals.
  • Price: $40 / hour
  • Location: Viber

Small Groups (2-5 Students)
Willing to offer multiple small group sessions if there is enough interest. Other possible tailored classes could be one instruction class with up to 10-14 students and then two smaller discussion classes with no more than 5-7 students.
Open to providing what serves your needs best.

  • Price (per person): $49 / hour
  • Location: Viber

Payments accepted

  • Venmo or Zelle

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime so that we can determine your needs and the scope of support.