Im A Youtuber Gamer And Need Help


So I Have 6 Channels 4 Of Them Based On Gaming
2 Of Them Are My Main Channels Where I Give Real Life Ideas And Influence People To Be Good And Happy And More In Future

My Problem Is
Its Been More Then 3 Months And Im Still Not Growing

I Have Told All My Social Media Friends Real Life Friends And Family (500 Of Them) And Only Got My Subscribers To Be Increased By 30

My New Videos Are Only Seen By Under 5 People 1 to 3 Views etc

And My Videos Were Available To More Then 700 people as by the analytics But They All Scrolled Away

The real problem is Thumbnails
And i know the solution too
Clickbaits (Fake Or Misleading Thumbnails)
And i don’t want to do that

So is there any way i can possibly fight with this without using Misleading Thumbnails to get views

And most small YouTube channels arent growing because of youtube and its algorithms etc
Because YouTube only recommends most subscribed and most viewd contents on home or when you search for something

So the small youtubers stay small and the big ones keep growing just like real life economy :rage:

Anyways i took a moment to let it all out

And now is there any way to grow my channels without using Misleading Thumbnails

And also without paying for the advertising fees for my videos

What specifically do you need help with?

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I think he is trying to express that he wants/needs more subscribers and viewers, but doesn’t know exactly how to get them without resorting to unethical methods like clickbait/misleading video thumbnails. Is that accurate, DaveAkilan?


To grow organically, I’d suggest becoming an active poster in your area. Are there other videos that you can comment on, in a positive way? Do you see anyone asking questions on other streams that you could help them with? If people see you being a friend on other posts, they may decide to find out more about you and click through to your profile. The key is to provide genuinely helpful and/or encouraging comments. If you’re on other social media, do the same and make sure you have links in your about me section.
If you’re on insta, follow other streamers accounts, industry accounts, etc. Usually you’ll get a follow back. Participate and you’ll see more people coming in.
Other than that, I would suggest paid advertising. Facebook and insta can really hone in on your target audience if you get someone who know it well to run it for you.
Hope that helps!

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Ah well lol
I want help with growing my channel without using ads or clickbaits(Misleading fake thumbnails)

Yeas buddy thats accurate

Thank You For Replying And I Do Agree And Disagree Ans I Did Do Those But Maybe Im Not Very Actively Comenting And Made My Opinions On Other Posts And Even If I Do Its Rare That Someone Actually Wants To Visit My Channel through Or Via About Sections On Social Medias


The Only Option Left Is Paid Advertising
Which I Had To Do Anyways Maybe In The Future
Curently I Have No Money And My Mom Wont Spare Me Some Too So Lol

And Thanks Again

I think you’ll see better results if you comment consistently. Just being actively involved in the community lends credibility.

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Obviously I would need your channels links so that I could help but the most I can do is share it on my social media and with my own friends.

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I know heidi its just im lazy or i don’t have a schedule yet to have time for YouTube i just do everything which makes me not do everything including gaming which i am born to do but sure i will i just moved to a new home a new me will be borning soon hahah i will create a strong schedule and hopefully i follow it daily again thanks for helping me out

Girl thats so sweet of you to do

Thank You Made Me Smile

You can search me on YouTube by

DaveAkilan (Tamil Language You Probably Wont Understand)
Which is Why i Have another Main Channel

DeathDave (English)

And Hold On

I have More Channels
DaveAkilan Gaming/Gamer
DeathDave Gaming/Gamer (yeah i forget my channel names dont laugh i have a reason to)

Oh yeah Its Not Over Yet

DaveAkilan Pubg
DeathDave Pubg

And Thats All 6 Channels all Under 35 Subscribers

Again Thanks And I Like You


No problem. I’ll check it out.

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Appriciate it :blush: again Thank You

@DaveAkilan I can help you. I just crossed 1k subscribers on my channel GamingWithChills and i can help you with subscriber increase, viewer increase and i can help with your thumbnail. Im also a Project Management Professional (PMP) so i know how to manage anything from scope, schedule, cost and more. I know how to integrate different components that seem to just all fly apart. I can help you sync your workflow into an easy, consistent and easy to understand flow to get you going

Okay . AND ? What Now :thinking: