If you IMPRESS yourself you IMPRESS others... BUT which one matters most to you?

The answer should be, To impress yourself, is all that actually matters.

When we impress ourselves, naturally others are equally or sometimes MORE impressed.

To a person who is very self aware, (an autonomous being), this feeling of an outside entity’s approval, is a tiny grain of salt. . and truly unnecessary in their continued growth.

Of course some outside praise is beneficial, but only when and AFTER you have first concurred your own importance of self praise!

To keep the reward within, you must only fuel your reward from your own regard.

This concept is truly deep, with layers and layers and layers of onion peeled back. .
I have come to this point after years of self therapy and reading.

If someone relates to this small speech, well then, we must be in the same boat. .

If you feel baffled or confused, turned off or overwhelmed by this little speech.
Keep working. Keep going. Keep digging.

& When you come back to this and someday completely wrap your mind around it, congratulations, you are well on your way to self acceptance, self love and beautiful self esteem.

CURRENT Book reference that brought me to this point:
‘HONOR Thyself’ BY: Nathaniel Branden

Much Love.


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