Idea for my project "Peace of heaven"

Hello everyone!

My name is Hailey, and out of a sudden I got an idea. Right now I’m working on it, and it’s called “Piece of heaven”. It will be available in the site “Buy me a coffee” which is like Patreon. But in my opinion Buy Me A Coffee is way better, because it doesn’t take big % of the money that come through subscriptions.

So the whole point of my project is to give people some peace, and happiness. Because a lot of us lost their jobs during COVID-19, and a lot of people felt mentally unstable. So we all deserve to have something that will make us happy.

People that subscribe, or just donate will receive a zip file via email, that will include:

  • Two postcards
  • Spreadsheet that’s related to the monthly topic
  • Playlist with songs
  • Certificate for taking a part of the project
  • Special personal message for every member, and a lot of other things.

There will be two levels of membership:

  • Level 1 “Moon baby” - 5$
  • Level 2 “Teen moonie” - 10$
    Every membership comes with some privileges, but for people that only donate even 1$ or 2$ , will include something special as a gift.

Part of the money will go for donations to charities that help to people that’s fighting with COVID-19 crisis, and people that are fighting for their lives. The other part of the money will be saved so people can get it in physical form too.

So now let’s come to the main point, asking for your help.
If you have any other idea what I can include in this ZIP file, I’ll be really grateful, and if you want to subscribe when it’s fully done, and officially launched, please let me know. Until then, I would like people with ideas to contact me via messages here, or contact me via e-mail (mine is I’ll be happy. For the people that will help me, I’ll send fоr free the prototypes.

Thank you for the time spent here, stay safe and happy!

Best regards, Hailey Alexis Moon.