I will tell your unique story

Hello. My name is Mark Jacobson. During my 40 plus years as a writer, I have written feature articles on celebrities and publicized interesting people. I’ve learned that everyone has a story, but most people just don’t know how to tell it. As a book author, I incorporate parts of my story into every book that I write. I would like to use those skills to help you tell your story to your family and friends.

For as little as $50, I will do a virtual interview with you. We’ll delve into all the things that make you special. We may even uncover some qualities and skills you never knew you had. Then, I will take that interview and write a 2,000 word biography of you.

When I am finished, you will have a PDF document that you can share with family and friends. As an extra bonus, I will give you the free option of having your biography posted on this page, as part of a publicized website that gets thousands of visitors each month.

Every story is unique. Let’s talk about yours @ TheWritersReality.com

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I would like to talk to you regarding your topic. please contact me through my Email and we can set up a time to talk. fatif61@yahoo.com

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