I will teach you John Mayer-style guitar playing

If you love John Mayer’s music and play guitar, but haven’t gotten around to learn his songs or would like to enhance your skills in this area and dive further into this kind of playing style, I’m here to help. Songs featuring both electric and acoustic guitar are available. Songs such as: Neon, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Why Georgia, Stop This Train, Gravity, etc.

About me:
I’m a guitar enthusiast with 17 years of experience in both acoustic and electric guitar. I’ve played both solo and in various bands and I love John Mayer-type bluesy/poppy music and am a big fan of his. (Saw him live two years ago, too). I’ve taught guitar now for about 5 years.

-35 $ for a private one-on-one 60 minute lesson via skype/teams/zoom

-30 $ for a group lesson of 60 minutes via skype/teams/zoom (2-3 people required)

see some of my guitar clips on instagram: www.instagram.com/jjusephi