I will show you how to play guitar by ear (55 years experience)

I love my Guitar. His name is Alfred. You should always name your guitar. We have been around a long time. Alfred has given me years of pleasure. What will you name your guitar.? To be good on the guitar, you need to love the guitar. When a day goes by and you have not picked up your guitar and you feel guilty about it; You now love your guitar. I can help you find love. You will benefit from my trials and error. I will guide you past the pitfalls of learning. Initially, in my course, concentration will be on playing, not on applied theory. You are here to play not to read. There will be stages and I will NOT teach you “Stairway To Heaven”, in the first lesson, or the 10th. Concentration will be on ear training and performance shortcuts.

About me: I took lessons for plectrum guitar from 1961 to 1965. By then, I was about to tune and teach myself, I could not put the guitar down, because I loved the guitar. Fast forward to 1972, I discovered the musical style of Bossa Nova and found a new musical road to travel on. Bossa Nova required a nylon string guitar and the ability to pick my guitar strings with all my fingers, instead of a pick. I got my mom to buy me a classical guitar and I self taught myself fingerstyle guitar. In 1981, I composed my first chord melody , style of playing in the YouTube video. In 1987, I met and befriended George Winston, a new-age piano player. i gave him a tape of my original music, hoping to be published by Windham Hill. A year later, he called me and we talked and our friendship lasted a few years of correspondence. In 1989, I recorded Infant Ballet (a 14 instrumental recording of original music) and in 1992, I recorded Another Spring, a 10 instrumental collection of solo and ensemble music. I continue composing and playing to this day. From 1981 to 2011, I taught guitar to local college students for a living. I hope you will consider talking guitar lessons with me. I offer group lessons . If you want to one on one with me over the internet, my hourly rate is $60.00 . (Negotiable if a block of lessons is purchased at one time). Same in the case of group lessons. Check out my videos and Have A Nice Day.

Good to see you Walter! Thank you for playing. Awesome sound :smile: