I teach about Policy And Governance

What’s unique about this listing:
I teach anybody who is curious about politics, science and technology, policymaking in business, multi-framework analysis, and personal advice. I can have a conversation, do a lecture, host a Q&A, or listen and give advice.

About Me:
Hi, I’m Eliot. I’ve lived in Florida, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, and Massachusetts this decade, hopping from degree to lab to government agency to another degree to startup to think tank and now to consulting. I’ve chased butterflies for a Landscape Ecology paper twice now, and advised firms in the space industry thrice. My undergrad was in the Biological Sciences, so I could work in almost any lab, my hobby is philosophy and music, and my Master’s is in Science and Technology Policy. Now, I’m a political/operational consultant, getting paid commissions, hourly, or seasonally, depending on what I can find. If you’d like to chat about the mechanics of the political system we’ve got in America, how to dissect a research paper, how design cannot be apolitical, or how to add multi-framework analysis as an ongoing investment in your business, I’m here to help.

What is this:
Political Education, Personal Conversation, Direct Action

Who is this for:
Anybody Frustrated With Politics and a Divided, Dysfunctional Country (Or Business)

How I will help:
I show business leaders and concerned citizens how to actionably understand their policy choices without making them memorize jargon.

Who do I enjoy working with:
I enjoy working with business leaders who need to act in spite of uncertainty, or with activists who need to push their political leaders with more than a petition. I work best when given a week to prepare my research and materials, for someone who has some clear questions or goals to at least start the conversation with.

What is the starting point for students:
All you need is curiosity. A question, scenario, or series of them, even better.

What is the ending point for students:
You should be able to leave with more context for your questions, more possible directions for finding your own answers, or a more robust understanding for broadening your perspectives. Straightforward questions can get straightforward answers, but you may also leave a more complex Q&A knowing more about how to dissect the initial question.

Why am I passionate about this:
I knew from an early age that science solves the world’s problems, and art drives most people’s passions. I was an asthmatic kid who wanted to be an animator and a chemist simultaneously in elementary school. I became a biologist for my undergrad degree to be able to work in almost any lab on any problem. When I learned that one conversation with a politician could hire a team of scientists and triple the value that I could have on my own as one scientist in a lab, I went and got a Master’s from the #1 school in innovation, for a Science and Technology Policy degree, where I learned the ins and outs of distilling complex technical information into understandable, digestible bites for policymakers with negative time on their hands. I want my skills to help regular citizens, not just executive folk.

Why should I lead anybody:
I’ve got a Master’s, and I’ve worked with academic, startup, state government, think tank, and laboratory teams. I once helped a satellite company realize they were woefully unprepared to address a whole category of risk and made a whole booklet on why, and how to address it. I can’t say I know everything, but I can lead as you follow along on my process for how to orient and self-teach in my field.

What you’ll learn over multiple weeks:
Week 1 - Policy basics/intro
Week 2 - Multi-framework Analysis
Week 3 - Complex Q&A and Scenarios

My expectations for you:
Show up with or without video on, either questions/topics submitted beforehand or just ready to chat about. I can accommodate preferences, such as going video-less myself, if you bring something up to me beforehand. Feel free to ask any questions you have before you buy.

After you buy:
I’ll get a notification, then contact you by a message on Talktime within 48 hours. I’ll tell you the ranges of time that week that work for me, info on how to pay, and we can set any preferences or topics ahead of time.

Fun fact about me:
I also can play piano, swing dance, fight and sing, but not all at once.

$20/20 minutes, Zoom preferred. Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal accepted.