I offer Trauma Healing Therapy, for those who have experienced sexual trauma

Howdy, I’m Katie, a native Coloradoan. I’ve struggled with health issues ever since being statutory-raped at 17 years old and at 19 years old, it occurred a 2nd time while I was at a college party. Sexual trauma can leave you feeling like your body isn’t part of your life. Being violated can put a strain on relationships, your health, and your mental well-being. I work with women who want to reconnect with their bodies and feel safe. For the last 23 years, I have gained experience in learning trauma healing therapies, teaching what safe touch is and how to set boundaries so women are prepared to make informed choices.

I offer Trauma Healing Therapy, for those who have experienced sexual trauma. I facilitate healing practices for women to feel safe back in their bodies.

Women who are experiencing multiple health issues, anger, bouts of crying, and are searching for direction in their lives post a sexual trauma.

Clients will have the tools to establish, and identify their emotions, have the steps of how to correct any displeasing emotional state (anger tantrum/crying/guilt/shame) through a learned skill-toolbox.

I’m passionate about helping others learn they have the power from within themselves to overcome difficult times. You can do this when you have the learning tools to do so. I know first hand that being a victim doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence when you learn how to take your power back. I realize it can be a struggle; however, by having an informed choice you are taking your life back consciously. You want to have better control over what and who is in your life, and you want to physically feel better.

Some of my clients have been molested/raped. They complain they think they have a personality disorder. Some choose to take medication and others choose not to. Some are sexually overactive while others don’t want to be touched and are in relationships that they don’t know how to find balance while honoring themselves. Each person is different in their experience. The common goal is to discover where your patterns are taking you and if you’re not liking the outcome, we work together to bring a solution.

Each client’s experience is different with the unfoldment of this process. We start with six sessions and add sessions per request. Week 1-3: We work on rapport building and what issues are occurring. This includes homework after each session. Week 4-6: Executing the skill learned in previous sessions, plus homework. Clients should be wearing comfortable clothes to allow self-directed movement as needed.

Katie offers a workbook; Living Through Me, Six Steps of Moving Past Suicide and Pain (currently in PDF and expecting to publish by January 2021).

Clients can expect to experience Interfaith principles of various healing arts to assist them in their healing experience. This might include Chakra balancing, Reiki, Shamanism, Meditations, Trauma Touch Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, and their faith base for grounding.

Each session is customized specifically for you. Reminder emails are sent, please make sure you accept with a yes or no response. Payment is due the day prior to our meeting. Payment plans are available per request. Please be ready to Zoom in a room that is private and that has space for you to move around if needed. Please let me know if you are able/not to be in a private room (meaning being by yourself or, if you need to keep a watchful eye on children). Please keep distractions at a minimum. Homework is expected to be completed prior to our meetings. Dress appropriately in comfortable clothes.

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