I need help mastering my channeling to spirit

I have been off my game and I need help getting to my next level in my spiritual gifts. I am a channeler and spirits come in dreams. I’d like to be able to master my gift and do more.

Anyone have availability??

I have quite a few free and valuable resources available
my website jiijj.com
and more specifically the guidance is ready in my youtube videos at
art, meditaion, therapy, wellness

I am deep into finding gifts in painting and can assist with other art forns as well. Mid-winter and lilypads a blooming magic, so are your gifts, we just need to notice them and entice them, so let’s do

you might be interested in my profile. Sorry if this seems like shameless advertising, but I’m pretty sure I could help you. I have a good feeling about it :slight_smile:

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Hey, My name is Adeel Hakim talktimer, i Welcome and congrats on becoming Talktimer.

i am willing to know more about you and make a connection with you

I see that you are passionate about helping people, can you introduce more about your self? and what things you are interested in and your goals and life.

Would you be interested in if i share details on how you can monetise your own time, skills, passion and online activity. and build a network based on your own style. and bring people who interested learning from you. and support you on this journey.

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Regards: Adeel